Employed at ICT Recht View

Ivo Geersen Backend Developer

Taught myself programming in high-school, acquired the skill of development in University, and mastered the art of software development at work. Three different periods in my life, each very important in a way, brought me to where I am today.



2021 - now

Lead Developer

Working on next-generation software for the Legal market, using AI to make boring legal work interesting again.


2014 - 2021

Manager Development

At Sectigo Nederland - formerly Xolphin - my main job was to keep our website and API alive. Me and my team were responsible for new features, extensive testing and deployment of our main applications.


2009 - 2014

PHP Developer

At Xaris I worked on multiple PHP projects, for a mix of customers. From planning software for utility companies, to iPad software for measuring temperatures in order to prevent legionella disease.


2008 - 2009

Junior Developer

Started off my carreer at Getronics as a Junior developer in Java / JSP. I worked on several projects for national and international newspapers.


Presentations & Workshops

Let's talk about breaking encryption!

What do breaking encryption, the RSA algorithm, quantum computing and REST Api development have in common? I've given presentations and workshops on all of them. Both live audiences and online workshops, I've done both. With pleasure!

Preferred Tech Stack



Smart Contract Development

Since the early days of Blockchain, I've been interested in it. The first applications of the Blockchain (like Bitcoin) were innovative, but it was limited to "just" sending money. Ethereum is a technology that builds on the innovation of Bitcoin, but it does more than sending money or tokens. Ethereum is a programmable blockchain, which makes it more like a decentralized computer. And computers - decentralized or not - can be programmed!

Open Source

Crypto Portfolio

Crypto Portfolio

This full project was made to keep track of all my Crypto assets. It is able to import from several Exchanges, and keep track of the historical value of a portfolio.

To be released


Well, you're looking at it. With some basic frontend skills, I built the very page you're visiting right now.



As a backend developer, I hardly use colors, and color palettes. It's always looking for colors to combine. This package has 22 color palettes, with each palette having ten shades.



For one of my presentations, I built a playground that allows users to mess with RSA encryption/decryption. A keypair can be generated, and used for both encryption and decryption of data.